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Welcome to our SSL Certificates Store and Coupon Codes!

Here at we are committed to giving you the lowdown on how to add SSL certificates to your website or network. SSL (which stands for “Secure Socket Layer”) encryption is becoming a must-have for webmasters, and not just for online e-commerce shops.

These SSL Certificates are usually a little pricey, and for us small-business owners getting an SSL Certificate can be a backbreaker for your budget. Luckily, there are promo codes available for hosting companies like Namecheap and GoDaddy. Here’s a good resource that always has updated coupons:

Why do I need an SSL Certificate Now?

In the past SSL Encryption was mainly for eCommerce shops that wanted to protect their customers’ payment data (i.e. credit card numbers), but now the web is moving towards a more secure structure where everything about people’s personal information is more secure. Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are encrypting your data as well.

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But here’s the most important reason: Google now uses it as a ranking factor for your website. They have said that it’s a weak signal, but that ranking signal will become stronger as time goes on. Google wants you to take your customers’ personal data seriously.

It also strengthens the relationship between you and your website visitors. People are definitely more concerned about their private data being snooped on these days, and having that green SSL Certificate lock in the browser window can help put them at ease.

Three Types of SSL Certificates:

Rapid SSL Certificates:

Rapid SSL are the main type of certificate available. If you have one website in your hosting account, then having just the basic Rapid SSL is perfectly fine.

Rapid SSL Wildcard

The wildcard SSL certificate is for multiple domain names. It depends which hosting company you are working with, but with GoDaddy, for example, you can have up to 5 domains using the same SSL certificate. If you have multiple websites that you would like to protect, or you have multiple subdomains (i.e., then a wildcard SSL, even though it costs more, is a much better investment overall.

Quick SSL Premium

If you have a VPN Network that you would like to secure (and we highly recommend it!), then you will need the QuickSSL Premium Certificate. It costs more, but securing your company’s sensitive data over a VPN Network is much more valuable than the upfront cost.

How SSL and HTTPS Works:

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