SSL Coupon Codes For Your VPN Network

ssl vpn what is it?

Not sure if you need an SSL certificate for your VPN? Here we will try to answer all of your questions related to building a safe and secure network for your business.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. It’s a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure to provide users and offices from distant locations secure access to a company’s network. This means that you can have workers or offices from all around the world able to work from anywhere. A good comparison would be to consider a VPN as a set of leased telephone lines, which are devoted entirely for your VPN.

A devoted VPN is prohibitively expensive, so businesses usually use a more cost-efficient version of a VPN that makes use of a public communication networks. You can use a discount for new customer with NordVPN, but the cost is still quite expensive.

You could also describe a VPN as one or more WAN (Wide-area network) links over a shared public network. Usually you have a network service provider that provides these links for your network. You can increase the security of your VPN through various technologies.

One of those technologies would be making use of an SSL VPN for tunneling specific protocols.

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What is an SSL VPN?

An SSL VPN stands for secure-socket-layer-virtual-private-network. We already explained what a VPN is. The “SSL” part of this refers to an application-level transport protocol that transmits data over a TCP port. Any worker or office that wishes to access your VPN can log in with this extra level of security without any additional software or steps required on their part.

What are the Advantages of SSL VPN?

Besides the extra security added to your VPN network, adding an SSL also adds flexibility to your VPN. Workers and offices can access your VPN from anywhere in the world.
Most SSL VPNs can traverse firewalls and NATs.

How Does It Work?

SSL uses a cryptographic system with two keys: a public key and a private key. Typically, everyone who has access will know the public key, but the private key would only be accessible to the recipient of the message. All internet browsers support SSL encryption as well.